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What’s in the Box? – The first real post!

Greetings and salutations!

Here it is, the first piece of actual content!


Reviving blog – 90%

Almost there, test banner’s up until I make a reasonably good-looking one. I’m not quite sure if I’ll put up a background image, since I’ll probably overdo that, so it’ll stay a solid colour for now.

As far as I can tell all the (minor) changes to the theme are done, and I didn’t permanently screw up the CSS or the theme’s PHP-code, which is surprising since I know nigh on nothing about PHP (but I have friends who do ;-).)

Small gripe: I don’t like having Georgia as the post title font, but since I haven’t thought of what else to use it’ll stay for now.
Changed it to Helvetica, much better.

For the gallery-bit, I found that NextGen Gallery works brilliantly  WordPress, has all the options I need, doesn’t go apeshit about not having all the needed PHP-permissions like Coppermine and Gallery2/3 do, and since it’s a WP-plugin and not a separate gallery it doesn’t need to have a ton of bridge-functions configured. And it uses lightbox, which I like. I might still link very large images from Imgur, since I think the thumbnail-generation goes tits-up on high-resolution images due to PHP-limitations imposed by my webhost.

So in short: it’s usable and working like I want it now, just a few finishing touches to make it look a bit more unique, and then I can go on with imported things, like showing off how much stuff I keep buying.

Reviving blog – 40%

I decided it was time to finally restart this bugger after having paid for 2 years of hosting without really doing anything with it.

My experience so far can be summed quite neatly with the following image: