Otaku Deluxe

Reviving blog – 40%

I decided it was time to finally restart this bugger after having paid for 2 years of hosting without really doing anything with it.

My experience so far can be summed quite neatly with the following image:

I’m lying a bit: it’s running, accessible, I’ve actually already got 2 different NSFW-tags in place (one with help from a friend) and working for when I’m doing reviews on the more questionable part of my collection (go priorities!).

Things to do:

  • Make a banner and maybe a page background
  • Decide if I’m sticking with this rather nice black/dark gray/ blue colour scheme (by which I mean: I’m too lazy to figure out the massive CSS stylesheet)
  • Figure out if I’m going to upload images directly to WordPress, use a gallery linked to WordPress (which is great if it works, which it didn’t always do in the past) or link from my existing Imgur-galleries (costing a bit more bandwith on the readers’ side, but saving space on my hosting account).

And probably a ton of other stuff I’ll figure out while I’m working on it.

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