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Finished moving house, let the posting begin!

To be honest, I finished most of the actual moving last Monday, but since I had to wait for my router and new cables to arrive, I couldn’t really do anything on my PC up to now.

Okay, I could’ve made some videos in advance.

But I’m lazy like that.

So, in order to make up for that, I’ll be doing between 3 and 5 unboxings this weekend, depending on how long it takes to film, render and upload them. The uploading won’t really be the problem, since it turns out the internet here is blazingly fast, but my PC doesn’t really seem to like rendering out 720p content. And a Nikon D90 isn’t the best thing to use for filming.

So, you may wonder what the room of someone who has way too many figurines looks like when he has to decide which ones to take to his new room. Despair not! There’s a photo after the break (and also a few of the new room).


Yes, it’s a right mess.

But I mad a selection, which you will see in the next few weeks as I’ll be using them for unboxing videos and photo reviews.

And here’s the rest of the room (I know, with a disturbing lack of figurines).

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