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Review: Touwa Erio Dakimakura Cover

This one arrived yesterday: my Touwa Erio dakimakura cover by Movic.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this, except that I really like the art they used for this one. I can’t really say where it’s from, I haven’t seen any pictures using the same art, so it may very well be original art just for this cover.

More information and photos after the cut.

Basic information on the packaging; I paid about ¥1000 less than the marked price (before shipping) at Hobby Search.

Side-tied lowrider panties and gratuitous underboob – can’t go wrong with that combination.

There’s a lot of detail that goes into most of these, but unfortunately the art isn’t always what you expect it to be. This time, however, it looks better than I expected, with lots of detailing on the hair and, it being Erio, sparkles!

Hello ribbon, hello panties.

No sparkles on this side, and I can’t really tell if she’s just showing her teeth a bit, or biting her lip, but it looks really nice either way.

And a close-up of her eye, showing of the detail in the printing, and hopefully how softly woven the fabric is (this one only came in a smooth version, most other official dakimakura also have a normal version for about  ¥1000 less, but that tends to feel a bit plastic-y. This smooth weave is usual a tricot knit, which has more of a peach-skin feel to it.)

In other news: I’m currently rendering  the promised unboxing video, so that should be uploaded and posted in about an hour.

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  1. Elsa

    Congratulations on this Erio dakimakura~ ^_^

    Personally I think it’s one of the best artworks made of her so far. I love the ribbons and laces!~ The artwork is pretty detailed.


    Your loyal Elsybunny

    2012/03/11 at 23:55

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