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Review: Misaka Imouto by Penguin Parade

Right, small change of plans: review today, unboxing tomorrow.

Up for scrutiny today is Misaka Imouto, which is basically the same base figurines as the Misaka Mikoto I reviewed yesterday with some of the parts changed out, so I’ll keep this one a bit shorter, read up on the other one to get the full picture – I’m just going to look at the Imouto-only parts in this one.

Character: Misaka Imouto (aka MISAKA)
Series: To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Sculptor: Caesar
Company: Penguin Parade
Release Date: 12 december 2011
Height: 210 mm
RRP: ¥8800 (I paid ¥7392)
Bought from: Hobbystock
MFC link
Special info: Comes with interchangeable head and arms to turn her into Misaka Mikoto

An even more neutral pose than her sister, helped by her trademark dead-eyed stare.
Add in the massive Barrett M82 rifle, and you have a somewhat intimidating figurine, taking up a lot of space as well.

The changed parts are: the head, both arms, and I’ve taken off her shorts.

If I remember correctly, this rifle is the one one of the clones uses the first time you see her in the original show, which is rather odd considering she’s sold as being from the second season.

Ami Ami also sold an exclusive version that comes with the FN2000 with grenade launcher she usually uses in the series.

I think the face is done slightly better than with her sister, no slightly odd mouth here – just a completely expressionless look this time. The hair’s basically the same, as is expected, she being a clone and all. She does have her electronic-field-sensing goggles added off course.

Next up is just a few photos, since I really can’t really say anything more about her.

Actually, interesting  thing to say: the rifle is a quite tight fit between her hand and her armpit. So tight in fact that I broke of the grip and trigger part off when trying to squeeze it into her hand.
On both of the rifles I have because I bought I wanted to have both Mikoto and MISAKA.
Luckily both broke of very neatly and were easy to glue back together.

And once you remove the shorts her pretty stripy panties are revealed. There’s actually quite a bit of detailing sculpted into them, and the stripes are hand-painted.


I check for details, it’s what I do…

Like with this, to me, perfect recreation of the Barrett M82 rifle she has. It’s not really visible in the photo, but even the fluting of the barrel has been sculpted in, and the carrying handle in front of the scope is moveable (and easily falls out if you shake the rifle too much, as I’ve found out several times…)
It’s also very big, at 23cm long it’s actually taller than MISAKA herself.

I can’t be completely sure of the specification, since a lot of the variants have been misnamed in photos I’ve found on Google, but going by the description on Wikipedia it’s the M82A1M variant, with a different muzzle brake (it’s slightly bigger than the one used in real life, and shaped less arrow-like.)

The real-life version for comparison; I’d say the sculptor pretty much nailed this one apart from the muzzle.


And that’s the second figurine review done. Like I said, it focussed on the Imouto-only parts, for the rest of the details please read the review of her sister (or maybe I should say ‘her original’) I did yesterday.
I hope you enjoyed it, and if you noticed any mistakes or have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

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