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Stuff I Want: Kobato & Maria Catgirls

In the category of “Shut Up And Take My Money!”: Hasegawa Kobato and Takayama Maria, from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai, by Max Factory.

Just over 13 cm tall at 1/7 scale, I found both of them a few days ago on MFC, and was seriously hoping they wouldn’t be opened up for pre-order for a while. Then, Hobbystock sent out their newsletter today, and sure enough – open for pre-order…

Oh well, at  ¥5100 each, it could’ve been worse, and they are very pretty, especially the eyes.

Also opened up for pre-order, and a lot cheaper at ¥1860, this cute set of  Kashiwazaki Sena and again Kobato by Phat Company, as companions to a similar set with Mikazuki Yozora and Maria that opened op for pre-order last month. No scale is given; the standing Sena is 9 cm tall, and Kobata 6 cm.


All photos taken from Hobbystock.jp.

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