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Review: Shirai Kuroko by Penguin Parade

It’s a bit late, but here’s the review for Penguin Parades Shirai Kuroko, companion to  the Misaka sisters I reviewed last week.

Character: Shirai Kuroko
Series: To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Sculptor: Caesar
Company: Penguin Parade
Release Date: 12 december 2011
Height: 210 mm
RRP: ¥6800 (I paid ¥5712)
Bought from: Hobbystock
MFC link

Spoiler alert: this is what she apparently (I haven’t seen it yet) does during the finale of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – pull a metric sh*tton of her trademark needles out of the schoolbag she permanently carries around.
Which is a bit of an odd choice for the pose seeing the whole set is marketed as being from To Aru Majutsu no Index II, but considering it’s a pretty awesome pose, I can forgive them.

The paint-job is the same level as the Misakas – clean with a nice bit of shading. I don’t really like the hair this time around though. There’s nothing much wrong with the paint-job, that’s very neatly done, but I feel the loose strands lack some sculpting detail; they look to much like snakes now. A bit more pointy and it would’ve been great.

I like the determined look on her face, but I still think MISAKAs face is the best of the three overall.

One thing about the pose: it takes up a lot of space, just like MISAKA with her sniper rifle.

The bag stays in her hand very nicely for something that isn’t attached by a pin – that’s right, she just holds it like that. Well, there’s a small nub in her hand that makes sure it stays that horizontal, but that’s all. Considering not all manufacturers take shrinkage during the casting into account, it’s nice to see that everything fits so well.

As with the others in the series, the shading on the whites doesn’t really show up in the photos – but you can see it on the sleeves here. The socks have the same kind of gray-blue-ish shading, which looks very nice.

Again, no pins holding the belt-o’pins to her hand – the fingers squeeze together just enough to hold it into place (it will fall out if you shake her about a bit, so it’s not very tight, but that should also keep her fingers from snapping of when putting her together.

The skirt’s a real tease on this one – it flaps up just high enough so you can’t see her panties, but it gives a good view of the pins strapped to her legs. There’s actually a bit of metallic paint bleeding from the pins on the brown of the leather on her legs (and the large belt as well). It’s not something you notice at first glance, but it is noticeable.

You can see a bit of the bleeding here, and a few spots where the pins haven’t been fully painted. I can only guess the people on this job started to not notice (or care about) it after they’d painted several thousand of those pins.

Her Judgment-armband has been done very nicely on the other hand, and you can also see there’s no big visible seams on her hair, which is something that happens more often than I’d like with these less well-known manufacturers, so bonus points there.

What looks like scratches on the bag is probably where I scraped my nails past it when I was figuring out how the bag was supposed to stay in her hand, so more like scratches in the little bit of grease from my hands, and the flash accentuates them. They’re not visible under normal light, and if I could be bothered to wipe figurines clean before I take photos, not in those as well. But I’m lazy, so I’ll just keep giving out disclaimers like these.

The bag itself also has some detailing on it, though it could’ve been done a bit neater on the clasps. Not that you would really noticed it, since is on the underside.

The belt loosely sticks into the bag, but it won’t fall out that easily.

And of course: purple lacy panties. Wouldn’t be Kuroko without them.

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