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Unboxing: Fiolina Germi by Embrace Japan

Today’s unboxing: Fiolina Germi from Metal Slug 4 by Embrace Japan.

Please forgive me for mispronouncing her name for the entire video – I really shouldn’t record these when I’m tired.

As usual – watch it at 720p or it’ll look horrible.

Bought from Hobbystock for ¥8316 (RRP ¥8800).

Fiolina Germi on My Figure Collection.

Review: Aisaka Taiga Nendoroid by GSC


Todays review: Good Smile Company’s Aisaka Taiga in Nendoroid form!


Review: Kyubey Girl Dakimakura Cover [NSFW]


Unofficial dakimakura covers have this nice tendency to be far more perverted than any official one will ever be, and they sometimes come up with rather original concepts.

Like this one, a female anthropomorphic Kyubey. In loli-form.


Stuff I Want: Swimsuits!


These beauties opened for preorders last week. It’s not quite the right weather for the clothing yet – and by the time they’re released it’s a bit too late for them, but still – beautiful.


Mini-review: Denpa Onna Cushion Cover

This one arrived last week,  Storms very cute cushion cover featuring my favourite aliens after Nagato Yuki: Touwa Erio and Hoshimiya Yashiro.