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Japan Festival 2012, Part 1

Yes, I still live, and have finally gotten around (or should I say: I could finally be arsed) to editing and uploading the videos I shot at the Japan Festival in Amstelveen on 9 and 10 June 2012.

The festival has been around for some time as an Asian-themed festival as far as I could tell, and in 2010 it was decided it  should uniquely celebrate the relations between Japan and The Netherlands, renaming it the Japan Festival. With the tsunami last year however, the 2011 edition was cancelled, so this was the first time the festival was held in this form.

I went the Sunday, which turned out to be a great move since the weather was awesome after two weeks of being cold and crap. There were a ton of visitors of all ages, as you will see in the videos below.

There was quite a lot to do, a lot of food, several Japan-related organisations were there and, quite exceptionally, none of the conventions were present (Mangakissa and Aniway were there however, but they have a greater focus on culture than on OMGCOSPLAAAAAY).

I have a video where I walk around the festival grounds showing everything there was to do, but that’ll take some time to edit and will be uploaded later. For now I’ve finished one I shot at the ‘proper’ takoyaki-stand and three more of the Taiko-performance by Circle Percussion (turn the volume down when clicking those links, the first one is especially horrible). I call the takoyaki-stand ‘proper’ because asides from using shredded squid and poffertjes-plates instead of real takoyaki-plates, it by far beat the stand that deep-friend them.

There was a lot more to see, but I shall show that in the next part.

For now, enjoy the the videos for now!

(You can hear quite a bit of Japanese being spoken – there was a surprisingly large number of Japanese people walking around with their families.)

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