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Anime 2013 Friday mini-shoot: Spike

On Friday-night I ran into this awesome Spike by Yaraiya, who was looking for someone to take some photos of her – and being the brony that I am, I obliged.

I’m still working on the rest, the first batch should be ready and up some time tomorrow :)

2 Responses

  1. maurice van groningen

    yo man weet je wat echt zo grappig vond toen ik thuis kwam keek ik op je kaartje zie ik uguu staan toen moest ik echt zo hard lachen, hardcore kanon fan dus haha, maar ff wat anders my fellow otaku! enigste wat ik nog mis op site is contact me, or me be you dit that deliberately anyway i am a huge fan of yours and like to talk to you about a lot of stuff, so hoop that i can contact you in a easer way
    wel thats about it i think yours kindly Maurice V.G

    2013/06/08 at 01:18

  2. You said tomorrow, its 2 months now!

    2013/07/25 at 13:58

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